Onward and Upward We Go!

We are super excited to bring to you our updated and improved service!  There is a lot to share so…here goes!

As you know, we expected to launch the AMP Hub this week on Google Play for Android. We are pleased to announce that the Android app was approved yesterday and is working great. We are looking for your feedback on anything you see that can enhance the user experience. If you have not downloaded it yet on your mobile Android device you can can do that right here.

The AMPHub is already on Apple App Store. In case you have yet to get it on your iPhone, you can do so here.

We made some more updates and added more games to the web browser version of our Social Gaming Network.  You can access it on a web browser on ANY device (PC, Apple, Tablet, etc.).

We now have the largest Social Gaming Network ever!

And this is just the beginning. This is your social network and you can be proud to be a part of something so BIG! I know we are…

A few more updates on the AMP Hub and what to expect over the next few weeks.

1. The Ad Network is live on the mobile version for iOS.

2. The Ad Network is being tweaked for the Android version and expected to be live early next week.

It’s important to know that we are still passing 100% of the revenue that comes from the AMP Hub to the associates (YOU) for sharing and building AMP Hub!  We will be analyzing the ads and making improvements to make sure we get this part right.

3. The Invite System is just about ready to go live.  We will do some final testing and expect this piece to be turned on early next week. We will update you on our Corporate Update Call on Monday.

4. The brand new website which will replace the current site at AMPstore.io is awesome! It’s important to note this was not just some updates to the existing site but rather a complete rebuild and replace. This is completed and ready to go. We expect this to also go live early next week foreseeing the final testing and QA (quality assurance) meets our exceptions.  We feel confident that you will love it …we know we do.

5. Name on Your Own Game. We are almost finished assigning all VIPs (paid current) with their very own name on a game. We will be contacting you with an email regarding your game as well as the process moving forward and exactly what to expect. We know you are all eager to share this information with your friends and family.

6. The AMP Matrix Compression. We are also expecting this to happen early next week in conjunction with the launch of the website and the upgrade to the compensation plan.

7. The upgrade to the AMP compensation plan will givea 300+% increase in commissions and consequently the Premium VIPs will see a very nice increase as well. We are 100% certain you will be very excited with the additional value we have put into your AMP and Voltage Business. In fact, we have sought the opinions of these enhancements and upgrades from various associates in the company, from all over the world, and we have received 100% approval.

See for yourself; here are a few responses we received:

“I was impressed before with Voltage, but after seeing what they have been able to provide in the upgrade in our technology, in the Social Network, and the value they have been able to add in the increase to the compensation plan I have 2 words… Blown Away. Some serious money to be made!” Justin Halladay, Master Distributor

“Just got off the phone with our VP and MD and boy oh boy our Future looks very bright.” Jake Colson 

“I have to say… after hearing directly from corporate about what is coming for every VIP and the AMP Nation… I am blown away. MORE money, MORE product value, and MORE opportunity to advance… all with LESS people! Simply amazing. All I can say is find 10 of your closest friends and tell them something BIG is coming. Get ready!!!” Dave Duke

“What an exciting time ahead of us in this amazing next Billion dollar company! It makes me more and more excited each and every day to be part of this revolution in the most explosive and fastest growing trend in the history as many experts call it! Specially now after the call with our Master Distributor Justin Halladay and our Vice President of Sales Vaughn Tarver having some updates about all these great things that are coming our way! Fantastic times!!!” Boris Pelah

“The world will change… definitely….with the new platform we just launched.. AMPHUB. More money coming into the pocket of all our associates and partners via the sharing of apps and games.. and the matrix.. This definitely will be the a motivation and catalyst for current and new associates/partners join in…” Kartina Abdul Ghani

Be sure to tune in Monday Night at 9pm (eastern) on the Corporate Update Webinar!!

Voltage Partners
July 27, 2017