Special Announcement for Voltage Idea Partners

Special Announcement for All Paid Voltage Idea Partners. 

As you know, we have been working hard on the AMP program the last several months. We see the AMPHub as a great product for everyone globally as the first social gaming network of its kind.  Also, the AMPhub platform, as it goes viral, will be the perfect place to post our new VIP Apps as they are developed.  Almost all of our development resources have been dedicated to getting this product up and running, live on all viable platforms (iOS, Android, and (very soon!) Desktop).

As for the future of Voltage Partners: 

We are very excited about Voltage Partners and have received great ideas for software, mobile apps, and games from many Idea Partners around the globe. We are anxious to continue developing these ideas and get them into the app stores.

In the meantime, we have decided to give each of our paid VIPs their very own game! 

You will be contacted here shortly about the details. This is an exciting time for everyone as we are putting out great mobile apps and games to the market. Once the AMPhub is up and running at full capacity, we will take the VIP named games and place them individually into the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  Current VIPs will earn revenue from their app/play store placed game. Very exciting.  (This process of placing these games into the app stores will not slow us from continuing to develop VIP apps and games as we have developed software to quickly place our developed games and apps on multiple platforms.)

If your account happens to be past due, you will have until June 25, 2017 to bring it current and take advantage of this special offer.