Voltage Week in Review


It’s Friday(!) and we have had a action-packed week here at Voltage Partners.  This email will provide you with a full update in case you missed anything. We just paid out our weekly pay roll and there are so many people growing their paychecks around the globe(!) and some who have hit record earnings this week. Exciting to see! 

Here is Monday Night’s Corporate Update Playback

We were able to get out a few new supports to the field this week. 

4 Minute Sizzle Video 
Voltage 12 Minute Detailed Overview
2 Min AMP Video

4 Minute Sizzle Video in Spanish
Voltage 10 Minute Detailed Overview in Spanish
2 Min AMP Video in Spanish

Our VP and Master Distributor wrapped up a 3 part training series showing the “Pathway to 5 Figures in 30 Days” with your Voltage and AMP Business. Pay special attention to Part 3. This video covers Part 1 & 2 and can also be used to help you grow you team! Click Here to get all 3 training playbacks on YouTube

We also finished up a New VIP Funnel.

You can now start sharing, marketing and sending this link out all over the web!

Talk about getting work done … Wow!

And that is not all… We created a brand new Solutions Page on your Voltage Website. We also updated the Business Page with our current verbiage making it even easier for someone to see the value and simplicity of what we are doing here at Voltage. And lastly, we added a cool feature on the Leadership Page for our corporate team. On your mobile device, go to voltagepartners/leadership and press on our CEO Gordon Comfort’s pic.

In you AMP Back office we added a new training tab under ‘Marketing’ and we will start loading the latest training videos right to the AMP Back office for your to watch.

It is a great time to be part of Voltage Partners. With so many great ways to market this business and so many ways to get paid! And with a compensation plan that pays more money for fewer people than any other company in the 80 yr history of network marketing . . . H U G E ! ! !

Have a GREAT Weekend!!