Message from the CEO

Welcome to your new Voltage Partners site!  Please poke around and see the new look, content, functionality, and AMP!

  • New look:
    • Cleaner interface
    • Less pages
    • “Clickable” tiles
  • New Content:
    • More focused messaging
    • Graphics
    • Blog
  • New Functionality:
    • Online Idea Submission
    • Online Survey Submission
    • AMP membership (for current VIPs)
  • AMP
    • New money earning opportunity
    • As a VIP, your back office is tied to your AMP back office allowing you to easily control both businesses.

These new additions are not just for your benefit as you visit the site, but, more importantly, they are designed to aid you as you build your team of VIPs and grow your AMP earnings.  And we are not done yet!  In the upcoming weeks you will find more and more functionality, both on the website and in your back offices.

We are in the process of building our first wave of apps that have come as a result of idea submissions.  These apps will be in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and in our own AMP Store.  Things are looking bright!

We want to say “Thanks” to those who have been with us for all or much of our journey.  You have been great!  To all those who have recently come on board – don’t worry!  You’re still coming in on the ground floor!

Here’s to progress!


CEO, Voltage Partners, Inc.